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Debby Vajda, LCSW-C

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The following e-newsletters, which may be of interest to you, are all free.

Abraham-Hicks Quarterly Journal - available from

Ad Lucem - Moving into Light Ezine -

Alternative Network Directory Newsletter available at

At The Still Point available through Meredith Young-Sowers at

Attracting Abundance With EFT Available from Carol Look at

The Catalyst available at

Caroline Myss' quarterly newsletter in which she discusses her work, philosophy and spirituality. Subscribe at

Deeply Heal contains practical information to help you heal at a deep level available from Cory Sea at  

EFT News and Innovations - - a twice-monthly newsletter, edited by Patricia Carrington, Ph.D.

EFT Tips Available from Carol Solomon at

EFTdownunder News - The newsletter has ideas and information to enhance your use of EFT and PET (Provocative Energy Techniques), and includes regular articles, "tapping tips", tales of transformation, and a regular update of what's new in the world of EFT/PET. Provided by Steve Wells and David Lake. Subscribe at

Emotional Freedom & Healing News - RIchard Ross' free twice monthly newsletter.  At least one issue every month contains an "energy exercise you can use right now".  Subscribe at

Emotional Freedom Technique - Gary Craig's e-mail support list contains ideas, case histories and "how-to's" regarding EFT.  Subscribe at

Energy Magazine - shares information about energy medicine and Healing Touch through stories of personal experience and articles that articulate the life-changing opportunities that await you in the exciting and wonderful world of energetic touch. Available through  

Energy Transformations Newsletter available from Dawn Flaming at 

Getting Through To Your Soul Newsletter - focuses on moving forward on your soul's journey and the expression of your soul's true purpose. Available from Phillip Mountrose at  

Inspiration Transformation - features self-growth articles drawn from psychological and spiritual literature. Available from Lynne Namka at

Integrative Energy and Spiritual Well-Being, Healing and Coaching Newsletter - written by Phil Friedman.  Subscribe at

Living The Field news and information from the frontiers of science and spirituality - available from Lynne McTaggart at 

Living with Crystals comes out every six weeks and covers crystals-related subjects. Available from Connie Barrett/Joyce Kaessinger at 

News & Notes Newsletter  - offers monthly words of spiritual truth along with practical tools to assist you in creating the life you want. Available from Carol Tuttle at

Prosperity From the Inside Out a monthly newsletter designed to activate your prosperity consciousness available from

Prosperity Tips - a holistic approach to creating financial health. Subscribe at

Rainbow Reflections a monthly email newsletter about general personal/spiritual growth available through Connie Barrett/Joyce Kaessinger at 

Reiki On-Line Newsletter - Reiki News Magazine from The International Center for Reiki Training (William Lee Rand).  Subscribe at

Success and Abundance Through EFT available from Leon Jay at

Tap Into Heaven focuses on using EFT for a variety of issues such as boosting your metabolism, weathering hurricane stress, or clearing up food allergies - available from Gwen Bonnell at

TAT Life Newsletter - shares the celebration of Love by giving you inspiring stories of healing with TAT, news about upcoming TAT Workshops and events, reports from practitioners about innovative ways they have successfully applied TAT available from Tapas Fleming at 

Tap Into Heaven Support Newsletter - moderated by Gwenn Bonnell. It will answer your questions, give you useful tips and hints, and discuss actual case histories about using the body's energies to heal and improve your life. Emotional Freedom Techniques, Energy Medicine, Huna Kane, Applied Kineseology, and any other method that really works will be included in the e-newsletter. Subscribe at   

Wholistic Healing Research - offers a bimonthly newsletter. Available from Dan Benor at

Willingness Works - offers a monthly newsletter. Available through David Gruder at

Prepared by Debby Vajda, LCSW, Corvallis, Oregon, U.S.
Updated: May, 2007