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Debby Vajda, LCSW-C

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Energy Therapy
There are many wonderful discussion groups related to energy therapy. You may want to check out any or all of the following.

Abe Quotes - or - not really a discussion list, this list is *solely* for the sending of direct quotes from Abraham as spoken by Esther Hicks. Just a few posts per day is all that is intended for this list.

ACEP Members - - This group is intended for networking among the members of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. For more information about ACEP, please visit Through this group, you can connect with other ACEP members to share questions, ideas, experiences, training opportunities, and much more.

Advanced EFT - - Members should be Licensed Professionals in the health field who have used EFT meridian tapping regularly in their practice for more than one year. Goals: Share cases, successes and failures, solve problems, discuss ways to integrate EFT with other modalities, and provide mutual support.

Allowing the Flow, EnergyFlows with Phi – Golden Mean Ratio, TLR, Q.I. Protocol, PIVOT, D.E.P.T.H., Kalos, etc.

Be Set Free Fast - - A research discussion of the emotional release technique called BSFF - Be Set Free Fast, developed by Larry Nims, PhD

BodyMind - - This list is for discussion of the bodymind connection, specifically as it applies to health and well being.

Particular emphasis is placed on self awareness and development. Discussion, sharing and application of ideas from all appropriate sources, such as Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Louise Hay, Debbie Shapiro, Caroline Myss, Ken Dychtwald, etc. Energetic body (auras), energy centers (chakras) and the meridian system, hypnotherapy, music therapy and expressive therapies may be discussed within this framework, as well. Information on bodymind research is always welcome! Open to all adults, especially those involved in healing work or truly invested in honest self-healing. 

Celebrate TAT
- A community for people wanting to celebrate TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique) as a healing method.

Creative Energies - - Creative Energies is a fun, relaxed group-learning experiment, where, working with Donna Eden's Energy Medicine techniques, we'll explore the relationship of our bodies' energies to the creative process. We'll deepen our connection to creativity and vitality by developing an understanding of our own energies.

Creative Energy Therapy
- - Creative Energy Therapy is a group of individuals committed to providing the very best in alternative mental, emotional, and physical health care. This list is limited to those who use (or will consider using)a pendulum or energy testing to determine the best treatments, to those who are aware of the possibility of supernatural interference in our work, and who are open to the possibility of past/future life influences on our behavior. Working together we can co-create the best possible help for our clients.

EFT Central - - This group is a resource for people interested in Emotional Freedom Technique in the Central States Region including Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Arkansas, Oklahoma. EFT Central is located in the Greater Kansas City area. Emotional Freedom Technique is considered to come under the new grouping in energy work called Energy Psychology, as well as Meridian Energy Therapy and was developed by Gary Craig. You will find listings for discussion on all things related to EFT specifically and energy techniques in general, EFT Group Sessions and Workshops.

EFT Spain - - to help EFT become better known and used in Spain. Also open to anyone interested in exchanging their experiences of EFT. Advice, questions, news, research on EFT is also welcomed.

EFT Tap ’n B Free -

EmoTrance2 (Energy Tranceformations) - - Open discussion forum for practitioners of Silvia Hartmann's EmoTrance &; other interested parties. Exchange information and ideas about using ET for Energy Healing, Personal Development, and a whole lot more.

Energy and Spiritual Therapy Techniques - - This e-group allows Doctoral Level psychologists (Ph.D, Psy.D., and Ed.D.) who are using energy or energy and spiritual therapy techniques to interact with each other around issues of common concern.

Energy Psychology Interactive - - Join a conversational forum for psychotherapists & other health professionals studying & practicing the principles presented in the award-winning book/CD program Energy Psychology Interactive: Rapid Interventions for Lasting Change. Energy Psychology Interactive (EPI) is a forum for professionals, study groups and individuals practicing or learning energy psychology methods, as they are presented in the EPI programs. Our intention is to provide a meeting place and support system for sharing your experiences, ideas, questions and research. This is a great way to advance the knowledge of all participants, and help bring the practice of energy psychology to the broad range of people who can benefit from this exciting, developing therapy! As taught in the Energy Psychology Interactive programs, self-stimulation of acupressure points is used, while mentally activating a psychological problem or goal, and stating an affirmation. Early evidence indicates this is a particularly rapid and effective method for bringing about personal change.

The EPI programs have clear, easy-to-use instructions, illustrations and practice sessions. They cover many basic energy psychology protocols, including Gary Craig’s Emotional Freedom Techniques combined with Donna Eden’s energy medicine methods, and Fred Gallo’s Energy Diagnostic and Treatment Methods. Program l includes a book/CD training program for psychotherapists and other health care professionals who work with psychological issues. It is particularly well-suited for study groups of 2 or more people, who wish to learn the program and practice with each other. Program 2 is a Self-Help Guide for individuals, which can be used as a resource for therapists to give to clients to continue their work at home. Both programs teach the use of energy psychology to help bring about personal change. 

Energy Psychology Network for Southeastern States - - To provide for networking among those living and working in the Southeast U.S. who are trained in some form of therapy based on energy psychology.

Energy Therapy Network of the Mid-Atlantic States - - Open to everyone who is interested in the energy therapies. Our emphasis is on things of geographic significance to people living in Delaware, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia and West Virginia.

EnerGym - - EnerGym is a forum for those with an interest in the application of Energy Psychology in its various shapes and forms. Emphasis is on the development of expertise in the areas of diagnosis, treatment, education, performance, sports and research.

ET Companions - - Energy healing for animals. 

ETOX Research (Allergy Antidotes) - - A discussion of energy toxins effects on psychotherapy, based on the work of Sandi Radomski.

HypNetwork - - A network dedicated to the discussion of healing, hypnotherapy, and the energy therapies.

Meridian-Energy - - This group is set up for the free discussion of ideas about all Meridian Therapies. It contains forwarded postings from other groups n this area to keep members up to date, as well as discussion by members. The file area contains free and copyright free material for downlaod and unfettered use by all for the good of Meridian Therapies in General.

Meridian Energy Therapies Discussion List - - The MET discussion list is open to any professional wishing to discuss MET techniques, strategies, therapies, patterns and approaches in theory and practice.

Meridian Therapies Newbies Group - - a support group for all newcomers [newbies] to meridian energy therapies. 

Reconnection - - This group is for those who have taken Level I, II or III classes or those intestested in Dr. Eric Scott Pearl's work, Reconnection and Reconnective Healing.

Reiki Gift - - A list for Reiki and other Vibrational Energy Therapies -- and to connect with others who have received the FREE attunement from Jeanne Porter Ashley and The GRACE of Reiki. This list is also for those who want to find out about Reiki. What is it? How does it work? Is it THAT simple? This is a Reiki list where you can be distant attuned into Reiki free of charge. You will then be able to work with this wonderful energy. Not only that, but you can receive support & backup after your attunement. You can ask any questions that may arise when you start doing personal healing work or giving treatments to others. You can learn how to heal with Reiki and how to send healing. The majority of the other Reiki Master/Teachers on here are all certificated by the list moderator and this FREE distance method has been used by us for years with great success! If wanted, you can receive a certificate of attunement from Jeanne Porter Ashley. This is a gift to you in all love and sincerity and we hope this will be fun for everyone as well as a serious place to learn about this wonderful 'vibrational energy therapy' technique. If you have questions or comments to share, come join us. We are here to support each other!

Reiki On - - Reiki_On is a teaching group for those who want to learn and explore Reiki. What is it? How does it work? Can I do it? Here at Reiki_On, we explore the basics of levels one and two Usui Reiki, and how one might use it along with other energy practices. Though those beginning in Reiki are our main focus, all levels of Reiki practitioners are welcome to learn along with us. We expect all students to study and learn using our extensive files and then they may receive a distant attunement into 1st and 2nd level Reiki free of charge. Karen and Susan, (list owners) the Reiki teachers who give the attunements, are both attuned in the same Reiki lineage and send this gift to you in all sincerity. We hope you will find this group a fun place to be as well as a serious forum to learn about this wonderful healing therapy. We stress that flaming of any kind will not be tolerated. Please do note that this is a busy list which obviously generates a lot of mail.

Sharing Zero Point - - This is a group of caring individuals sharing stories in their use of The ZeroPoint Matrix and other leading edge and interesting Energy Techniques. Whether you are experienced or a newbie, you can share your stories, insights, laughter, tears and successes. All points of view are welcomed and embraced.

Talk and Tap Teams - - Idea: Have multiple worldwide Drop-In EFT conferences. Get a “pulse” as to how EFT is evolving. Use the EFT “Talk and Tap Teams” email List as a “cork board” to make announcements.

Tap Into Heaven - - This is an international Email support list for anyone interested in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and other methods of working with the body's energies to relax, release, rejuvenate, and transform. This news group complements the information on the web site, a resource center for Energy Psychology. You are very welcome to join for information about your body's energy system, and for methods you can use to influence your own energies to live in balance (and even bliss).

Prepared by Debby Vajda, LCSW, Corvallis, Oregon, U.S.
Updated: February 2009