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The following instructional tapes, related to energy therapies, may be of interest.

Allergy Antidotes – EFT Treatment of Allergies – 2 hour DVD - $30 – available at

Attracting Abundance with EFT – audiotape – 5 hours – available from Carol Look through - $75

Audiotapes by Carol Tuttle –
1. Clear the Emotional Issues That Are Keeping You Fat! - $19.97
2. Creating Money - $19.97
3. How to Create Better Health - $19.97
4. Clearing the Programs We Take On At Birth - $29.97
5. Clear Your Childhood Issues - $29.97
6. Clearing the Issues That Are Keeping You Stuck and Single! - $47.97
Available through 

Be Set Free Fast (BSFF) DVD Training Set – 8 hours - $89.95 – available from Larry Nims and Don Elium at

Becoming a Vibrant Human Being: Learning, Living, and Creating from Your Chakras – 20 hour training on DVD – available from Carol Tuttle through or - $299.

Connections – a spiritual conversation with Meredith Young-Sowers – designed for you to listen, learn, explore, live in the Spirit and be guided by Meredith through a monthly series of teachings, questions and meditations - $15/month. Available through

Creating the Ultimate Energy Healing Business Boot Camp (DVD/VCD/VHS) - The following topics are covered in this training: Private Practice Development; Personal Development; Skill Development; Speaking and Seminar Development; Product Development; Website and Online Marketing Development – 12 hours – available through - $399

Daily Alignment with Z Point by Grant Connolly - This CD is specially designed to release the effects of daily stress and worry from your body and your life. Over time, it should help to remove the emotional triggers that cause you to react with anger or upset at life's difficulties. Also included is a short introduction to the ZPoint Process for beginners, a Chakra Balance to leave you feeling wonderfully refreshed and a section that, in accordance with the Law of Attraction, powerfully aligns you with your goals and highest aspirations. Available through - $25

EFT 4 PowerPoint - A Professional Training Package for Teaching EFT - Approved for Level 1 and Level 2 EFT Training – includes over 170 slides – recommended by Gary Craig – available through Ann Adams at - $149 – in English or German

EFT Choices Workshop – 2 CD’s for computer - $30 – available from

EFT Online Audio Training by Paul Cutright - Learn to use EFT with anyone on the telephone. Over 6 hours of audio training recorded from a live teletraining, including 1.5 hours of a live seminar demonstrating EFT with an audience of 850 people. This training is straight EFT and includes Gary's EFT manual, plus a bonus 50 page illustrated manual with additional procedures. Audio features "click & play" right on the website, plus downloadable MP3 files. Available through - $79.95

EFT- The Power of Emotions in Our Blood- A video of EFT Affecting live blood cells instantly! (DVD/VCD/VHS) – by Rebecca Marina – available through - $27

Emotional Freedom and Healing – Richard Ross – Available through - one hour Real Audio teleclasses or CD’s - $24.95 each
1. Healing for the Healer: Clearing Old Patterns of Fear and Doubt
2. Karma Releasing - Letting Go of Old Limiting Patterns Around Love and Money
3. Anxiety Releasing: Creating Peace Now with Emotional Freedom & Healing (EF&H)
4. Stop Playing Small: Healing Old Limitations With EF&H
5. Karma Releasing - Clearing Old Patterns With EF&H
6. Core Issues healing call (Body Issues/Body Image module)

Emotional Freedom Technique - Available through

  1. The EFT Course - The original, foundational course: 13 videos on CD, 1 audio on CD, The EFT manual on CD - $60.
  2. Steps toward becoming The Ultimate Therapist - Advanced videos-- building on EFT: 13 videos on CD, 1 complete transcript on CD - $60
  3. From EFT to the Palace of Possibilities - 4 workshops in one video set--13 videos on CD, 1 manual on CD - $60
  4. EFT Specialty Series 1 - Specialists present the use of EFT for business, addictions/overweight, relationships, sexual trauma and severely emotionally disturbed children. 14 videos - $60
  5. EFT Specialty Series 2 - Specialists present the use of EFT for chronic health issues, vision issues, ADD and ADHD, substance sensitivities, allergy antidotes, peak performance, trauma and PTSD and The Choices Method. 16 videos - $60.
  6. Borrowing Benefits - 15 videos - $60.
  7. EFT for Serious Diseases I – 19 hours - $60
  8. EFT for Serious Diseases II – 21 hours - $60
  9. Mastering EFT – 12 hours - $60

Energy Healing – Donna Eden – Available through
  1. Introduction to Energy Medicine - 90 min. DVD or VHS - $21.95
  2. Energy Healing with Donna Eden - 6 hr DVD or VHS training program - $79.95
  3. Energy Tracker Video Set – 7 hours - $179
  4. The Radiant Circuits – Freeing the Spirit Video Set – 6 hours - $179
  5. The 5 Rhythms Video Set – 8 hours - $179
  6. Illness, Pain & the Difficult Case Video Set – 14 hours - $179
  7. The Energies of Love – 2 videos or 2 DVD’s - $29.95
  8. Serenade at the Doorway – CD Rom - $16.95 or audiocassette - $10.95
  9. The Energy Medicine Kit - Booklet, DVD, Audio CD, 43 Illustrated Cards, & Crystal. - $29.95
  10. The Life Colors with Donna Eden – 2 audio CD’s - $16.95
  11. The Journey to Wild Divine – An interactive, consciousness-raising computer game - $159.95
  12. Energy Medicine for Women – 8 hours – DVD or VHS - $179
  13. Shifting Deeply Embedded Patterns – 9 hours - $179
  14. Introduction to Energy Psychology – 2 DVDs - $35.

Energy Psychology Interactive - is an internationally acclaimed program designed to teach psychotherapists and other health care professionals the basic principles of energy psychology. It is a 40-hour course that integrates a computer-based CD, a Companion Book, and a Client Workbook into a powerful approach for learning how to introduce the methods of energy psychology into your practice. Available through - $60 (CD only -$42).

EP Anywhere – Online audio - $9.95 – available from David Gruder at - Click on Solutions and then click on Energy Psychology

eTappings by Brad Yates - eTappings are audio rounds of EFT on a variety of issues. While there is no substitution for live sessions with a trained EFT practitioner, with eTappings, you can have instant access to an EFT coach in the comfort of your own home or office - or anywhere else you have internet access - any time of day or night! This is the easiest and quickest way to start receiving the remarkable benefits that are possible with EFT! In the eTappings, there will be two audios for each issue. The first will be a couple of rounds that address the stated problem, and the second will affirm the preferred mindset. Available through - $16

Getting Thru - Phillip and Jane Mountrose - Available through

  1. Awaken to Your True Purpose : More Pieces to the Puzzle of Getting Thru to Your Soul - Five Audio Tapes and Study Guide, Narrated by Phillip Mountrose. This information-packed program includes the work of Gurdjieff and the Michael Teachings, which is invaluable for understanding one's essential nature. The program also shows you how to enlist your resources and take action to live your true purpose in every area of your life. It details your personality traits (overleaves) that your soul chose, including role, goal, attitude, body type, center of gravity, as well as your chief weakness. Also included are 10 obstacles and opportunities for living your true purpose, including mechanical thinking, buffers, emotional charges, the Law of Octaves. $44.95
  2. Intuitive Techniques for Getting Thru to Your Soul : A Spiritual Development Program - Manual and Six Audio Tapes Narrated by Jane Mountrose and Phillip Mountrose, $69.95 Workbook, $24.95 Six Audio Tapes, $59.95 This companion to the book Getting Thru to Your Soul will help you to open to your intuition as an integral part of your spiritual journey. The 6 audio cassette tapes and accompanying manual present a whole toolbox of techniques that allow you to understand yourself and others in a more profound way. The workbook is the manual with addition of the information on the audios in the form of written guided visualization processes. In either format, this program helps you to access your intuitive powers, then provides specific techniques for determining where you are on the spiritual path, the unique gifts you have to share, the blockages you need to release to progress further, how to intuit information about relationships and much more.
  3. Getting Thru to Your Soul Audios and Videos - Three Video Tapes by Phillip Mountrose and Jane Mountrose. $21.95 each or all three for $59.95. These three tapes present the processes described in the book through real examples, demonstrations and commentary. Seeing the techniques in action will help with your timing, precision, and presentation. Tape One presents the basic Spiritual Kinesiology (SK) techniques. Tape Two focuses on using SK and other Getting Thru techniques (GTT) with issues from the past, relationship issues, and more. Tape Three presents SK and GTT techniques with archetypes and subpersonalities. Two Audio Tapes with Guided Visualizations Narrated by Phillip Mountrose and Jane Mountrose, $16.95 This two-tape audio cassette set provides guided versions of the GTT processes presented in the book, with background music. These tapes allow you to sit or lie back and relax, while you are guided through each of the processes. Great for self-healing!
  4. Getting Thru to Your Emotions With EFT Audios and Videos Two Video Tapes by Phillip Mountrose and Jane Mountrose, $21.95 each or both for $39.95. These two professional tapes present the processes described in the book through real examples, demonstrations and commentary. Seeing the techniques in action will help with your timing, precision, and presentation. Tape One presents the EFT processes. Tape Two presents the GTT processes, which help one directly address deep, core issues. Two Audio Tapes with Guided Visualizations Narrated by Phillip Mountrose and Jane Mountrose, $16.95 This two-tape audio cassette set provides guided versions of the GTT processes presented in the book, with background music. These tapes allow you to sit or lie back and relax, while you are guided through each of the processes. Great for self-healing!

Healing From the Body Level Up - Available through
  1. Clear Trauma Now With Natural Bio-Destressing - 30 minute video - VHS $25/DVD $27
  2. Healing the Deathwish Patterns - 2 hour video - VHS $69.22/DVD $71.99
Holographic Repatterning - Available through

  1. Energy Routines for Self-Healing - These four 15-minute energy routines are easy, yet profound. They consist of body movements Chloe Wordsworth gathered from around the world. She demonstrates and talks through each routine, which also includes affirmations, toning and breathing patterns. VHS format only. 75 minutes - $29.95
  2. Original HR Intro Video/Edited Version - A talk and demonstration given by Chloe Wordsworth in 1994. She talks about the hologram and the six sections of the HR Process for Creating Coherence and demonstrates an HR session. VHS format only. Time approximately 1 hour - $14.00
  3. Biokinetics: Developmental Movement Re-Education - Carol Welch, a Hanna Somatic Educator, demonstrates sensory motor amnesia relative to the Landau, Startle and Trauma reflexes and how it can be overcome by movement re-education. Available in VHS and PAL formats. 76 minutes - $40.00


  1. Somatic Exercises for the Lower Back - Narrated by Thomas Hanna, this series of 4 cassettes contains a graduated program for relaxing and gaining control of the lumbar spine and trunk. $40.00
  2. The Myth of Aging - Also known as Somatic Exercises to Control Neuromuscular Stress and narrated by Thomas Hanna, this series of 8 lessons (4 cassettes) contains the 8 basic exercises that correspond with those in Hanna's book, 'Somatics.' $40.00
  3. Somatic Exercises for Rounded Shoulders and Depressed Chests - Narrated by Thomas Hanna, this series of 3 cassettes contains exercises designed to reverse stooped, imbalanced posture that begins in middle years as well as exercises to relieve depressed breathing. $30.00
  4. Teleconference Tape #2: Setting Boundaries - This Teleconference audio tape #2 with Chloe Faith Wordsworth around the issue of 'Setting Boundaries,' features a 1-hour Q&A session with Chloe on Side 1 and a 1-hour Group Repatterning (Negative Thoughts) with Chloe on Side 2. $10.00
  5. Teleconference Tape #4: Relationships and Change - features a one-hour Q&A discussion with Chloe Faith Wordsworth around relationship issues along with a one-hour Group Disrupted Energy Repatterning. $10.00
  6. Teleconference Tape #6: Time & The Hero's Journey - This audio tape really explains what happens in an HR session on the energetic level. On Side 1 Chloe answers questions like 'Can HR sessions reconnect us to the Source?' On Side 2 she conducts a group repatterning using the Geometric Frequency Repatterning around being in the now. $10.00

How to Lose Weight and Feel Great with EFT – Online audio - $29.97 - available from Gwen Bonnell at

How to Remove Your Blocks with EFT – Online audio - $29.97 - available from Gwen Bonnell at

The Inner Peace Process - 2 hour videotape - available from - $30

Introduction to EFT – 2 videotapes by Patricia Carrington – available through - $59.95

The Key to Successful Weight Loss: How to Conquer Emotional Overeating – computer program and e-book - $89 – available from Pat Carrington, Carol Look, and Sandi Radomski at

Personal Peace - The Personal Peace Procedure is simple: make a list of every bothersome EVENT in your life and systematically erase their negative effects from your mind and body. How do you erase them? Using tools of EFT, Energy medicine and Energy psychology in a very specific way – audiotape or CD - $29.97 or $39.95 - available from Gwen Bonnell at

Making a Molehill Out of a Mountain: Changing the Vibration of Energy - Everything is energy, even our thoughts and feelings. Viewers will learn how to treat a problem by changing the vibration of its energy through intention, amplified by a pendulum or other tool. Learn how to raise your vibration to an ideal level and scramble the frequency of disruptive patterns. 2 hours - order through Mo Wheeler at - $20

REMAP - Available through Steve Reed at


  1. Overcoming Feeling Insignificant and a Fear of Being Hit - This demonstration video shows the healing of a woman's trauma from being frequently slapped as a child by her mother. It also illustrates the use of the REMAP process to shift negative thoughts of being insignificant and worthless to a much strengthened belief of being significant and worthwhile. $25.00
  2. Healing an Abandonment Trauma - In this REMAP demonstration video, a nurse is treated for a childhood trauma due to being ill for three months and her mother's anger about her illness which contributed to her being yelled at, left alone and neglected. This video was shot with two cameras which allows for a wide shot (of both therapist and subject) as well as a close-up shot of the subject. $25.00
  3. Healing 50 Years of Grief - This woman's father was tragically killed in an airplane crash when she was two years old. The trauma of the event blocked the normal grief process and her ability to heal until she was treated with the REMAP process. This video was also filmed with two cameras. $25.00
  4. Resolving a Mothers Trauma & Guilt Over Her Seriously ill Infant - This woman's infant child was misdiagnosed and nearly died. She is helped to heal three different aspects of her trauma including: Part 1-Resolving the trauma and guilt over her seriously ill infant, Part 2-Resolving anger toward a nurse's negative comments about her as a mother, Part 3-Resolving anger toward her mother & sister who seemed to doubt her ability to be a good mother. This video was also filmed with two cameras. $25.00
  5. Overcoming Sadness and Guilt - In this REMAP process demonstration video, Steve works with a woman whose discomfort at speaking on the phone with her granddaughter and daughter is rooted in an earlier tragedy. The trauma left her with unprocessed sadness and a feeling that she was not able to do enough to compensate for the effects of the tragedy on her children. During the brief treatment of this issue the sadness and guilt resolve and she is able to test the work by calling her granddaughter and speaking on the phone with comfort for the first time. This video was also filmed with two cameras. $25
  6. Introduction to the REMAP process - This is the 2 hour lecture that Steve gives at conferences throughout the country. In it you will get an overview of the REMAP process, information on the use of acupressure to heal emotional pain and how this advance in the field of energy psychology is improving the quality of peoples lives. 2 audiotapes. $15

School for Self Healing - Meir Schneider - Available through


Meir Schneider's Yoga for Your Eyes - Natural vision improvement exercises. Includes a 62 page Study Guide and Eye Exercise Chart - one videotape -$30


Meir Schneider's Miracle Eyesight Method: The Natural Way to Heal and Improve Your Vision - Here is Meir Schneider's unique, natural system, complete with eye chart for exercising your eyes back to health. Topics: the true causes of sight disorders, the Bates method of eye exercises, exercises for near and far-sightedness, double vision, cataracts, eye fatigue and much more. Two 90-minute audio cassettes (1997) $18.95

The Sedona Method Audio Course – 10 CD’s or cassettes, 134 page workbook and 2 hour DVD - $239 – available through

Shifting the Paradigm: EFT, The Emotional Freedom Technique: A Case Study for PTSD and Combat Trauma – 3 hours, 2DVD set available from - $29.95

Tapas Acupressure Technique - TAT - Available through

  1. TAT Workshop 2000 CD - In this complete workshop with Tapas Fleming, you'll learn how you can reduce: any type of stress including traumatic stress (without re-living the traumas), all types of allergic reactions, negative beliefs that hold you back from realizing your dreams, emotional baggage and destructive mental chatter. You'll find out how to easily return to a calm peace within. You'll learn how to use TAT with children and animals. You'll hear questions and answers that will surprise you, hear funny and inspirational stories of TAT successes and watch instructional demonstrations of Tapas doing TAT with workshop participants. You'll find out how to use TAT for groups and individuals. You'll find out how Traditional Chinese Medicine explains the value of the TAT pose and how TAT works. By the end of the workshop, you will know how to use TAT to help yourself (and clients) truly let go of old patterns of negativity and effortlessly move into a natural condition of peace and vitality. Approx. 8 hours CD - $50
  2. Healing Rape and Sexual Abuse Video - You will see two amazing demonstrations that Tapas Fleming does with two women who have experienced rape and sexual abuse. They are very different cases -- one is long-term, the other is a one-time trauma. They both experience great relief in minutes. The two women are interviewed one year later and share how it has been for them since the TAT treatment with respect to their traumas. You will learn the basic steps of TAT and how it relates to Traditional Chinese Medicine. You'll see how you can use TAT to help yourself or your clients easily heal from a rape or sexual abuse without re-living the events. $29.95
  3. Group Treatment Protocol - In this video set, you will learn from the Mexican Association for Crisis Therapy -- a group of caring individuals who help groups of people heal after natural disasters. They use TAT in a unique way for large groups and incorporate art therapy. The teaching shared in the video is without editing so that you have the opportunity to learn in real time and do your art along with everyone in the video. Here is what the President of this group shares about their work: $39.95 
  4. TAT Basics - Portland - $65

  5. Healing Allergies with TAT – 2 CD set plus a file download - $30

  6. TAT for Weight Loss – CD and booklet - $20

  7. TAT Workshop Geneva 2005 - CD -$40
Thought Field Therapy for Stress Management and Peak Performance – DVD - $34.95/VHS - $29.95 – available from Mary Sise through

Transforming the Trauma of the World Trade Center - DVD - $34.95/VHS - $25 DVD - $34.95 – available from Mary Sise through

Transforming Trauma with Thought Field Therapy – DVD - $34.95/VHS - $25 - available from Mary Sise through

Try It On Everything – DVD – A full-length documentary about EFT, with guest experts Donna Eden, Jack Canfield, Joseph Mercola, and Bruce Lipton - $34.95 – available from

Weight Loss with EFT by Carol Look – 5 CD audio set - $75 – available through

Prepared by Debby Vajda, LCSW, Corvallis, Oregon, U.S.
Updated: February, 2009